How we work

What is the Procedure when you visit us here at Lifegym?

At Lifegym Personal Taining Gym we are different from other Gyms in that we are a Gym set up for one-to-one Personal Training, so there are no other clients in the Gym when you are training.

We are also different in the attention to detail that we pay to each client as outlined below;

When the client comes in first of all we go through a Lifestyle Questionnaire.

This gives us information like what your Goals are, if you have any injuries or illnesses, if you are on any medication, have any allergies etc. etc. etc…

The first step is to find out what your goals are. You may already have a clear idea of this. If so, that’s great. If not I will be able to assist you in defining these.

We also go through an Assessment to find out your starting point.

We can begin by checking things like your weight and (if you wish) body fat percentage & measurements.

We can also assess the different areas of fitness such as aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Please bear in mind that because this is Personal Training we take things at your own level and the assessment is quite easy and non-strenuous.

We also do a Posture Analysis, which can also assist us when writing the routine.

All this information serves as a basis, along with your goals, for me to write your Personalised Training Plan. It also serves a baseline for comparison. In other words, when you have gone through about 4 weeks of training we can do the same tests again and see the results.

We also go through your current dietary habits and make some changes if necessary.

We are also qualified to provide you with a Personalised Diet designed for your individual lifestyles and goals. This is a point that is often overlooked when providing the client with an overall health / fitness programme and will aid the clients efforts in maximising their results.

Lifegyms Unique Time Saving Training System

The most important aspect of fitness training is the correct information. A lot of people fail to achieve their desired results because they are doing the wrong type of training. The training system I use is quite unique. The best results are obtained with a short workout, say about 20 minutes duration. You can get into and stay in excellent shape with 3 x 20 minute workouts per week. The way this is done is to start with a weight that exhausts the muscles in about 12 repetitions. Then you change to a lighter weight without taking a break and do the same again and then a 3rd set with a lighter weight. Then you move on to your next exercise and do the same system. There are a couple of reasons for doing it in this way. First of all it boosts the production of growth hormone, which promotes the production of firm muscle tissue and reduces body fat. Secondly it is the only way of working all the muscle fibres. Most people in gyms only work the strongest muscle fibres in each muscle group because they take a break between sets and allow the strongest fibres to rest and then work them again. With the system I am using you exhaust the strongest muscle fibres first and then because you don’t take a break for the next set the deeper, weaker fibres must kick in.
Obviously if you haven’t been training then you start with a low intensity and work up but you will be amazed at how quick you will see results with this type of training.

Do You Have A Personal Trainer? Now You Can!

  • Are you trying to get into shape but just not getting the results you want?
  • Are you spending ages in a gym but don’t see any real improvements?
  • Or is it that you are starting out to get in shape but just don’t feel comfortable in the Gym environment and would like to be in a little better shape before joining?

Many people who want to get into better shape start off great and have the best of intentions but after a few weeks very often simply get frustrated and loose heart, Sound Familiar?

Quite often this is because you are not training in the right way. Not training properly could mean that you could spend literally hours and hours running on a treadmill every week with little or no visible benefits. Well now you can change all that and take control of how you want to look and feel. What’s the answer? Get yourself a Personal Trainer.

The advantages of using a personal trainer are numerous. Personalised programmes to suit the individual, regardless of age, Instruction in correct technique to maximise result, Focus, to save you time and maybe most importantly, someone to give you a ‘friendly’ kick to keep at it.

Many people will spend a fortune joining a gym only to leave a couple of months later without any results. Why not invest your money wisely and get a return? Personal trainers, once they have the best information, will allow you to achieve what you want.

A Personal Trainer will typically work from your home or from their fully equipped studio or a public Gymnasium. Now with you can access this service on the web and get all the benefits of having a personal trainer just by logging on to this web site. Each programme comes with a matching diet plan and follow-through coaching and monitoring and will be specially tailored for best results.

Resistance Training

In a recent Time magazine report, a monitored weight-training programme was found to have been one of the most successful ways of getting into shape. And not just that, there were plenty of other benefits too. For example, improved libido (more testosterone in your system), higher energy and drive, better complexion, better concentration spans and interestingly, a powerful anti-ageing tool. Not bad for working out on a few machines in the Gym or doing some basic resistance training at home with little or no equipment.

‘Hold on’, scream the females, ‘We don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in drag’. This is a common concern. But it’s actually impossible for that naturally to happen. When ladies train, they gain that lean muscle toned look.

There is a critical factor in ensuring you get the best out of your training programme. If you don’t have it, it almost guarantees failure. And that’s the best information. Most people are busy enough with their job and their daily lives to be off researching the latest techniques on training and diet. But some people do this for a living. These are your ‘personal trainers’.

Tony Matthews is a qualified Personal Trainer to NCEF Level 2 standards and holds a diploma in Holistic Dietetics.